7 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Dress


wedding dress

It’s all about the dress, however, it’s still a good idea to keep things in check, below are some of our tips.

Stick to a Budget 

The temptation to go overboard will always be there, after all it’s your big day. But try to keep your spending in proportion to your overall wedding budget. Spending somewhere between 5-10% for your (and don’t forget the groom!) wedding wardrobe is a good rule of thumb. Remember it’s something you will only wear once …

Get Advice on Designers 

Chances are you’ll know others who have gone through the daunting task of doing the rounds of bridal boutiques – seek their help first. It’s not just the dress that matters, it’s the quality of service and ability to provide alterations that counts. Don’t hesitate to seek out recommendations and reviews – and get onto this task early and make it a fun adventure.

Stick to a Theme

If your theme is elegant and classy, the go for a dress that suits. However, if it’s a beach wedding, then go with something less formal, as your guests will also be taking to the theme. Don’t worry about not being the centre of attention – it’s your wedding and your name is on the cards – that will happen anyway!

Rug Up or Strip Down ?

Your wedding date can depend on many variables such as venue availability or your work schedule, but most likely you’ll choose a date based on the weather. Doyles Bridge Hotel wedding reception venue offers inside or garden options, and you can even have your photos taken on the beach. Selecting your wedding dress style and materials should be in line with the likely weather conditions you’ll encounter on the day.

Buy the Dress That Fits … Today!

You might be aiming to drop those few kilos before the wedding, but that may or may not happen. With all the pressure leading up to the wedding, the last thing you need is to worry about is losing weight. It’s your special day, so best to be comfortable throughout. Remember, everyone you have invited has probably seen you already – at your best and your worst!

Bridal Shoe Comfort

Your special day can also be quite a long day. Consider all factors when selecting your bridal shoes. Flats or heels ? White or Cream? Open or Closed ? Ensure you select comfortable shoes that match your wedding dress. Comfort is paramount as you will be on your feet standing, walking and dancing the entire day. Doyles Bridge Hotel cater for indoor or outdoor weddings, so select appropriate shoes for your wedding day.

Go with Your Instincts

If you are being told by everyone around you that your dress ‘looks amazing’ it won’t matter – unless you feel it yourself. If you can’t picture yourself walking down the aisle, and having you perfect wedding shots taken, then no amount of reassurance will matter! Trust your instincts on this one …