Christenings at Doyles Bridge Hotel



Many parents nowadays look forward to celebrating the birth of their child with a christening or non-religious naming ceremony known as a naming day. This occasion is usually celebrated within a few months of birth, and is the perfect opportunity to present your new baby to friends and family.

Those of a Christian faith will generally go for a christening, which involves a baptism, where the baby’s head is gently immersed in water for a few seconds, representing a form of cleansing. Parents and chosen godparents are then officially presented with the responsibility of ensuring the new baby’s wellbeing in the future. A naming day is a less ceremonial occasion, where parents are able to celebrate this event in a manner of their choosing.

In order to organise either of these events a few considerations need to be met, one is the gown or outfit for your baby to wear on the occasion, another is a photographer to commemorate the day, if you wish. Regarding guests and invitations, this can be at your discretion and it need not be as comprehensive as a wedding, just make sure to ask your guests to arrive on time.

Regarding locations for this day, most ceremonies will take place in a church and then guests will with gather at a venue afterwards. For naming days, generally a single location will suffice. Doyle’s Bridge Hotel provides the perfect setting for christenings, where a selection of rooms and an ideal beach-side location will make this day one to remember. A range of delicious catering options are also available, for more information please contact us today …