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Junior Sport Year End Dinner

Footy, Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Calisthenics and Hockey winter seasons are fast coming to an end for all kids and junior teams.

Coaches, Parents and Volunteers of all types have filled in team sheets, cut up oranges and cheered their kids on in wind, rain and the odd blast of sunshine (rarely!) during this season.

It’s been a long cold and wet Melbourne winter, so as the season nears its close it’s time to reward those on the sidelines for all their efforts.

Book a table (or 2) at Doyles Bridge Hotel to warm up and tuck into our awesome menu and wine list.

Spend an evening together to re-live all those moments of victory (and loss!) and look forward to some weekends off until the summer sports start up again.

Contact us at Doyles Bridge Hotel to book your perfect end of season rewards dinner.