Funeral Wake, a Celebration of Life.


A funeral wake or memorial service is an opportunity for family, friends and close ones to remember and honour the memory of someone who has recently passed. It is an occasion to celebrate a life, whilst also providing support and comfort to one another.

Families nowadays prefer to plan a memorial service that focuses on remembering and celebrating the life of the deceased, in a manner that is meaningful and captures the qualities and essences of that person. Modern day funeral services often involve family, friends and colleagues recounting their treasured memories and favourite stories. The funeral wake is now considered a day to reminisce, laugh and cry.

Sometimes such a service is conducted at a funeral home or place of worship, where religious readings can be made.

On the other hand, many also plan for a secular, non-religious gathering held in a public or private location. If this is the case, then the Doyles Bridge Hotel offers the space and facilities to accommodate you and your guests in a convenient bayside location.

Whether it be an informal gathering at the bar to raise a glass or a more formal service involving ceremonial speeches and catering, Doyles provide a variety of venue rooms suited for any funeral wake.

Kindly contact us to discuss the options as we can cater for any size gathering, even at short notice.