Love them or loathe them, reunions are an opportunity to catch-up (often after many years) to reminisce about old times and re-kindle past friendships. Aside from school reunions, where teachers and students can reconnect, family reunions offer the same opportunity to bring back that sense of nostalgia, good old times.

Keeping in touch via Facebook and social media is fine, however, nothing quite beats a personal gathering.

A reunion is a great way to locate those ‘lost’ persons who at one time shared an important part of your journey – friends, classmates and relatives. You may find in the process of organising a reunion how old faces begin to make themselves known again.

Reunions, unlike other gatherings, offer a real sense of excitement, allowing us to reflect on our experiences – it’s also not uncommon for previous bonds to become further strengthened.

Organised reunions or alumni gatherings can take place for any chance to reflect and celebrate past experiences and achievements;

– High School reunions

– University reunions

– Football / Netball / Sporting team reunions

Reunions can be held anytime of the year and Doyles Bridge Hotel provides the perfect setting for your next event. Doyles Bridge Hotel is a central bayside location that offers function rooms to cater for any size reunion with easy train access and ample parking.

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