Avoid Stress on Function Day


Party planner setting dining table outside

Function Planning 101: Tips For On the Day …

Function planning can be stressful, but proper planning and a few simple tips will help you to make sure it all goes to plan. Here’s our basic guide of what to do on the day of the big event.

Get There Early

Get to the venue early enough to have a chat with your function coordinator and check that everything has been set up the way you like. It also gives you the chance to be nice and relaxed before your guests arrive so that you can greet them all as they arrive.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Never underestimate the power of an emergency kit. You might be surprised at how not having a pair of scissors or some tape can raise stress levels during an event. Packing an event emergency kit will help to combat this. It should include items such as scissors, pens, pencils, tape, a notepad, first aid kit, pain relief and mints.

Don’t Focus on “Perfection”

Whether you’re planning and hosting a cocktail party, wedding or birthday party, the event is an expression of you, but it’s not all you’ll ever be. Remember that some of the best moments are those that we haven’t planned for at all, so embrace the unexpected, as well as each other’s opinions. Don’t let an unattainable ideal ruin the big picture of your function.


You’re no doubt aiming to ensure that every person who attends your birthday party, engagement or wedding will have a great, fun time. This is easier to do when you prioritise what it is you’re offering your guests and focus solely on these features. Choose the top few things that are really important to you, like the photographer, DJ, or menu and work from there. Being more flexible on the other features will save you a lot of time and worry and the guests won’t be that focused on these either.

Stick to the Schedule

As meaningful as speeches and toasts can be, it’s important that you don’t let them go on and on. There’s nothing that gets guests more restless than drawn out speeches. Help speakers stick to their time limits by reminding them of the time constraints, both verbally and in writing, before their turn. You can even put a sign or small digital clock close by to help them monitor their time as well. If it’s your wedding and you have an MC, have them give the speaker a little nudge or nod – they are invaluable for keeping things running smoothly and to schedule.

Stay Calm

Breathe and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Take deep breaths and delegate tasks if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Eat, drink and mingle with your wedding or party guests. You deserve to enjoy the event that you’ve likely tirelessly planned for weeks or months.

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