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Steamed Orange Pudding marmalade sauce  12

Double Chocolate Brownie: warm chocolate sauce, crushed hazelnuts + ice cream   12

Apple + Rhubarb Crumble  12

Coconut Panna Cotta  w. mango cheeks, sugar floss + rosewater syrup 12

Affogato: espresso w. vanilla ice cream   7.5

add Frangelico or your favourite liqueur     +7.5


milkshakes $6.5
chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel & banana

iced coffee or chocolate $6.9
add .50c soy


Coffee $4
cappuccino, flat white, latte
long or short black
long or short macchiato

add .50c for soy, almond milk,  mug or extra shot

liqueur coffee $13.9
long black served in a glass mug with your favourite liqueur and topped w/ cream

Tea all pots $4.5

english breakfast
earl grey
sencha green
spiced chai
lemongrass & ginger

chai latte $4.5

hot chocolate $4.5

menu is subject to change